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Consulting in Audio/Video Technology

Our focus is on assisting all audio video applications for mass audiences. We will perform acoustic and line of sight analysis during the field consultation. We may recommend installing a server computer closet for Cat6 and wireless routers and switches on complex installations.

Conversions from analog to digital video and audio with personal project management oversight on all installations, we may need to eliminate many floor wedges, including sound isolation and personal monitoring systems. We will provide all plans, schematics, and designs.


We would outsource any aerial rigging to a third party to install flying speaker arrays, projection screens, projectors, and electrical routing.

On-site field consultations will provide information for the assembly of proposals, and we will competitively shop from several preferred vendors. We can complete most proposals within seventy-two hours.

We have over forty years' experience in sound and video reinforcement for mass audiences. Entertainment venues, houses of worship, studios, conference centers, and residences are just some of the projects we are integrating.

Expertise. Intuition. Ingenuity.

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