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3 Reasons How an IT Consultant Can Help Your Business Grow


What does a consultant mean to you? You hear it all the time when a company, big or small, mentions that they are hiring a “consultant” for their organization. Do you think of new strategies being made, or a company being steered in the right direction? What if I told you it isn’t just the right direction they are being steered into but a better direction?

Consulting can take on many different strategies for different companies. You may need an expert IT Consultant to understand how to run software more efficiently.

Or even better, we had this happen to us from time to time and advised that a software solution that is better suited for the company entirely.

Whether you think they are a waste of time or they are worth every penny, you should at least know 3 good reasons how a consultant in IT can help elevate your company.

What this blog will help you understand is:

  1. How Consultant in IT is a pain solving solution

  2. Optimizing companies to their true potential

  3. Experts from other industries

Read on to find out the benefits of hiring an IT consultant so you can determine if it is right for you.

Reason 1: How a consultant in IT is a pain-solving solution

Let’s step into your shoes for a minute here. You’re running your small business, and everything is going fine. However, you catch wind of new integrated software that can help automate and organize your company for more efficient communication. You’re thinking, “better communication within a company could never hurt.”

To make things better, it also helps you communicate better with your customers as it covers invoices, delivery tracking, external communication, and the whole work.

You love it, you buy it, and you slowly start to hate it because it’s overwhelming and the data doesn’t make any sense to you. Even worse, it doesn’t communicate with your current software systems. Does any of this sound familiar to you? And that’s when you decide to get a consultant to help you understand what type of data you are looking at and what you should be looking for.

As perfectly explained in an article on What Is Consulting? The true meaning of consulting is helping people solve problems from their current state to help move them to their desired state.

The previous example above is just a small piece of a business looking to better understand its data efficiently. The bigger the company, the more information that has to be intrepid which means more time that has to be spent on existing customers' data instead of trying to acquire new ones.

However, that is just one example, and not every company has the same goal.

Reason 2: Optimizing Your Business True Potential

When we mean optimizing, we are talking about problem-solving. And one way to problem solve is by looking from the outside of the company to the inside.

You care what the customer thinks about your business because that’s how you stay in business, to begin with. But let’s look at it this way; technology is always advancing rapidly. What are you doing to stay competitive in lines of technology or software? What do you think would be better for your business?

This is when you would want an outside perspective on the business. Having another mind and strategy to implement new technology is more than fundamental for consulting. Actions are recommended to you by a consultant in detail from a report or oral presentation that summarizes your business needs.

This is similar to outsourcing but with a major implementation to work with you to implement changes. These changes will require trust and cooperation to develop the working system altogether.

Check out the image below to have a better understanding of the role of your chosen consultant:

This image from the Harvard Business Review on Consulting is More than Giving Advice, perfectly indicates the goals of a consultant and their relationship to helping your business. The consultant that you choose to help strategize for your business is trying to improve the overall effectiveness.

Reason 3: Expert from another industry

The great thing about IT consulting is the industry that they come from. Where particularly? Well, that can be:

  • telecommunications

  • insurance

  • banking

  • automotive

  • media + entertainment

  • healthcare

  • education and many more

What matters the most to you is the action that can be taken. A sound strategy sounds great, but it doesn’t mean anything if action isn’t taken. The purpose of looking outside of your normal industry is to take in another perspective that is already working and move your business forward.

Many companies are looking at saying “yes” to new developing tools for the digital transformation of their goals, especially since COVID-19. Check out McKinsey & Company's four-plan of action they recommend companies use in expanding their digital technology.


And this is just a small piece of what a consultant can do for you if you choose to go this

route for your business needs. Consulting can look different for your business compared to the next company. These services can range from operations to a professional sales force to help net profit for your company to expand its growth. Info eNConnect Consulting for instance, is an IT consulting firm that helps solve business needs by implementing software, data solutions, and digital technologies.

What’s even better is that businesses of all sizes big or small, can make use of a professional consultant. Whatever you choose to implement new strategies for your company, it’s always worth its value if it helps you reach your goals.

Click here to find out how Info eNConnect Consulting can help implement new technologies for your business or reach out to us to find out if Info eNConnect is right for you.

Initial post by Jeremy Mack | 12/02/2019

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