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6 Features Before Buying An Indoor Security Camera

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

You may ask yourself, are indoor security cameras worth it? Of course, it is up to you. Check out these 6 features before you consider buying an indoor security camera.

1. Audio

So, you want to secure your home. Maybe you want to see how your dogs, cats, or kids are doing when you are away. You might also want to keep an eye on your older relatives so you can act quickly in an emergency.

Indoor security cameras let you see your home when you are away or while you are at home. You can have an indoor security camera with or without audio. We recommend getting a home security camera with audio recording features. If you get an inside security camera without audio, you will not be able to hear cries for help. Sure, you could see your home through the video — but you would not get peace of mind.

2. Motion Sensors

In addition to audio, it is important to have motion sensors active, especially if you want to record any suspicious activity that may go on while the camera is active. Rather than recording 24-7, which can quickly fill up a local or cloud storage drive, with motion sensing, you can pause recording until something moves in the frame. You can also receive alerts on your computer or phone if something moves.

3. A Privacy Shutter

This tip is especially important if you want the best indoor security camera with recording features. Make sure you are shopping for an indoor security camera with a privacy shutter. Having a shutter over the camera is a great way to protect your privacy since hackers have been known to watch people through their security cameras. A shutter is an extra layer of protection: Even if a cybercriminal breaks in, they will not be able to see anything since you put the shutter over the camera.

4. Keep At Least Seven Days of Recording

What is the point of a security camera that runs out of batteries? Get a long-lasting camera if you decide to go wireless, or most security cameras simply plug into a standard outlet. Not only that, but you should also pick an option that keeps your recordings for at least seven days.

The best wireless indoor security camera comes with robust storage options. You want to keep each video clip for at least seven days, so you have time to collect evidence in case of a break-in. If you have a camera that deletes the footage after each day, you might lose critically important video clips.

5. HD Video

One of the most important indoor security camera features to have is an HD (high-definition) video. This intuitive enhancement helps you monitor and record footage your wireless security camera collects. Blurry footage will be of no use to you.

Why? Because HD video can clearly capture a burglar’s face. Police can use that footage to track down the bad person. Even if the person is wearing a mask, an HD camera can still pick up critical details, like body shape, clothes, accessories, and more.

An indoor security camera needs to record in full HD to be as useful as possible. However, before you pay extra for HD, make sure your Internet connection can handle the streaming load.

6. It Comes From A Trustworthy Company

Always research the company behind your security cameras to ensure you are as safe as possible.


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