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Building A Resume? 4 Important Approaches to Stand Out

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

We all have written a resume once in our life. Well, at least for those us that applied for a job. We spend hours and hours of our time to showcase our skillset on a piece of paper that we hope would communicate what we do.

Bam and done.

It is finished. The most perfectly created resume that any and every employer’s eyes would ever be so filled with joy to see.

Well, that is what we hope for anyway.

Found a job online, clicked upload resume, and then a day goes by. Then two days. Then a week followed by a month.

At this rate, you’ve already been applying to a few other places. A countless number of different positions and the first dream job that you set your eyes on still have not reached out to you.

Does that sound familiar?

Did they even take the time to look at your resume?

On average, employers will only take 7 seconds to look over your ENTIRE resume. That’s only enough time to look at the header, your name, and maybe one thing you did at your previous company. But if that title or job does not sound exciting enough, that can mean a hard pass without a fair chance for you.

And we all know how truly talented you really are, but your potential employer does not.

Tailor Your Resume for the Job You’re Applying

Avoid as much as you can to create a generic resume.

Yes, the most efficient way of finding a job is to apply to as many places as possible. And it is the easiest way to do this is by clicking a few buttons as possible, upload your resume, and just click ‘submit’.

It can be a little frustrating to retailer your resume for each position that you’re applying and for each company, but small things like this can go a long way for the hiring manager.

Think of it like this, when you receive a generic email from some company, how likely are you to read it?


Now when an email is more customized and tailored towards you and to your liking, you’ll become more engaged, willing to read it, and put your time into it.

It is time-consuming, but it is worth every minute to take the time and apply your focus on the resume to the position and to the company.

Use the Summary Section to Distinguish Yourself

Your summary, your goal section, your objection section, or whatever you're calling it should be the first thing that would be at the top (well under your name that is).

It is a pitch that you are making to the hiring manager about yourself on who you are and why you are worth every dollar.

This is where you are going to communicate why you are the top pick over any candidate.

The resume should highlight your skills and your mastery of the industry for which position you are applying. Even if you are new to the industry for which you are applying, this is where you can communicate your knowledge of the industry and that you are growing as a student.

You can always learn and expand your knowledge once you have the job. But this is where you will also show that you are learning outside of the job as well. Someone who teaches themselves tells a lot about their willingness to learn a new skill.

Once again, do not use those generic terms such as ‘results-drive’ or ‘excellent communicator’. This top spot is reserved for the details of your achievements, and what you're worth.

Talk About Your Accomplishments

And when we mean to talk about your accomplishments, we are talking about the cold hard number of sales, leads generated, or growth of the business. Talk about what did you do and what difference did it make?

And if you are still struggling with trying to think of a way to explain your accomplishments, remember STAR.

STAR stands for situation, task, actions, and results.

This method is common to communicate what you have done in a clear and insightful way.

Explain the situation, what was your task to fix it, improve, or change in your situation. What actions you took and what were the results.

Use Keywords from Job Posting

Lastly, the keywords are an important concept since it will be scanned over first by a keyword on an ATS system of some type, or software by the employer.

An ATS, or known as Applicant Tracking System, is a software application that handles the recruitment process for hiring. The best way is to highlight the keywords that are in the job posting and make sure it is reflecting on your resume.

Here at Info eNConnect Consulting, we can also help create that amazing resume to show off your skillset to potential employers. We want to make sure your skills are communicated loud and clear of why you are the best candidate of choice. Check out our services to see how we can help you.

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Until next time!

Original Published date: 2/14/2020

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