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Ageism, How to Recognize, Prevent it, and Avoid it.

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

In today's society is very common that a millennial will be your boss. How can you structure your resume to reflect your accomplishments and not your age? During the interview how can you direct the focus from your appearance to your qualifications?

Be wary of applications that ask for your high school graduation dates or college graduation dates. Long tenure with a company at one time considered stability now it can be stagnation and may tell your age without listing your actual birth date.

Some of the key indicators of ageism may be promotion denials. Excessive training of younger workers by elder staff or denial of training of elder staff. In some worst-case scenarios, older workers may be asked to train their bosses.

Many workers 55 and older are well seasoned in their roles and are great resources. However, their knowledge comes with a price in lost productivity in PTO that may exceed six weeks in some organizations and higher health insurance premiums due to age or health crises such as cancer.

Many are perceived as hard to work with due to tenure and lack of developing new skills.

Excessive layoffs targeting older workers with first-tier benefits in healthcare, pension, 401K matches, life insurance policies, and excessive paid time off. In larger organizations, many older workers are asked to voluntarily retire with a nicer severance package than if they were just laid off.

Remember that in most organizations benefits makeup approximately 30% of the compensation and tenured employees weigh heavily in this area especially in health insurance claims due to age.

All ageism is not negative, many companies seek workers over forty, female, and minority for EEOC trifectas. Some applications will ask for a range in age for federal credits for hiring older workers. However, race can still play a role in the practice as well.

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