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Improving My Life with A Mobile Device

Last updated on 7/12/2021 by Dr. Nina Mack-Cain

Original story by Jeremy Mack on 11/17/2016

To this day, I would have no idea what I would do without my mobile device. Besides social media, my mobile device (cell phone) is the leading source of communication for friends, family, businesses, organizations, and the list goes on. Mobile devices are entirely different from how they were before the first release of mobile devices.

How do you feel if you forget your mobile phone and leave it somewhere?

According to Statista, the number of cell phone users worldwide has already surpassed 6 billion. With mobile devices now, I have always wondered how people ever communicated effectively without using cell phones. When a message needs to be expressed with urgency, how did people handle the situation without a mobile device?

Well, then, people used landlines to communicate urgency.

As reported by The National Interest, one study showed that in 2004, over 90% of the households in the U.S. used landline phones. Although that percentage has

dropped to 40% of U.S. households having a landline phone, many people still use landlines for emergencies or simply staying in touch with family, friends, or others.

I always believed staying in touch with the closest people is most important. It is not the fact of calling them all the time, but it is having the access and the ability to know that you can communicate with them any time of the day whenever you please. Having a cell phone, I could reach out to a family member, someone close to me, merely checking up on them and sending them a text or a quick call.

Mobile Applications

The applications on a mobile device are what make it more personal. The applications I have on my cell phone make it convenient to rarely access information using any personal computer. I have all the data from social media, news, and sports in the palm of my hands. Now with a front-facing camera, I can communicate on the screen to anyone. This functionality for myself is most useful, especially when I interviewed for jobs.

During this pandemic, many interviewers are using video platforms to interview for positions. A side note, if you want tips about video interviewing, stay-tune to the upcoming blog.

During my travels, I did not have access to a laptop. Therefore, using my cell phone has functionalities that can replace the laptop because my cell phone is always conveniently in my pocket.

A College Student

When I was a college student with a heavy workload, I always believed I need a personal assistant to help keep up with my busy schedule. My cell phone can do just that, and I have an application to check for emails and approaching events. I used my cell phone to consistently viewed my calendar to remind me of due dates, event dates, learning times, workout times, etc.

Every hour on the hour, my cell phone would let me know what is going on, where I should be, and how long it should take me to get to a place. In a way, my cell phone is a way of telling me what to do every day. However, task management in a fast pace discipline is what I need to stay ahead.

From checklist to what is due next, my cell phone is always there by my side. When I mean by my side, is that it is literally in my pocket, (laughing). I cannot go without my cell phone. One of the reasons people cannot put away their phone is because of the benefits that it gives them to stay up to date with nearly everything.

Without mobile devices, how effective will our communication be?

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