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Desktop Application Software
Professional Development Training

We offer two types of training and two types of training methods.

Types of training

  1. Desktop Application Software Training - This training is designed to help you learn computer software or other programs that you may use while working for the organization or for your personal growth.

  2. Professional Development Training - This training is designed to give you the opportunity to expand on your job-related skills and knowledge or for your personal growth.

Training method

  • Virtual instructor-led training, private: A private group where learners and trainer(s) are in different locations connect over the Internet in live sessions. You can attend from the comfort of your home or office.

  • Onsite, private: Onsite training is training delivered to a private group at your business location.


IEC Catalog

Desktop Applications Software Training

for Windows

Applications software training achieves measurable objectives such as saving work time and enhancing productivity in this digital world. These training are built to facilitate certain business functions, improving the accuracy, efficiency, and effectiveness of operations. The business application training is designed for B2B who are looking to outsource their training to an application trainer.


We can train in the following business applications that are commonly used by organizations:

◦ Video Conferencing Software (e.g. Zoom, Microsoft Teams)

◦ Customer Relationship Management
◦ Project Management Software
◦ Business Process Management Software   
◦ Scheduling Software
◦ Time Management Software
◦ Educational Software

We work in a society where communication and access to information have progressively entered into digital technologies like internet platforms, social media, and mobile devices.


We can help your staff in:


◦ Understanding how to use web browsers, search engines, email, text, Microsoft 365*, etc. to showcase their skills. 

◦ Evaluating online resources for accuracy and trustworthiness of the information.


If the course you are requesting is not listed, just let us know. We will work with your business to get the training you need.

* Microsoft 365 Training


Dive into office applications, which will help you improve your productivity application skills in a variety of office work environments. This training is designed for those who are in various office environments. Our prices vary from $49 - $225/person depending on the course. We are limiting the number of participants to no more than 10-12 for a session virtually and no more than 20 for a session onsite. Below are individual training courses to choose from:

Course Description - Microsoft 365  >

Course Description - Excel | Data Analysis > 

Course Description - Excel | General >

Course Description - OneNote >

Note, Instructors will use Microsoft 365 version suitable for Windows 10 (Windows PC).

 Professional Development Training

We create an environment in which people learn how to use new processes and systems to do their jobs. We work with our clients to develop the right combination of training skills to ensure the availability and usability of training at every location.

◦ Interviewing Skills
◦ Job Search
◦ LinkedIn Profile

Personal Networking
◦ Soft skills
◦ Communication Skills
◦ Negotiation Skills


Any training course can be customized. If the course you are requesting is not listed, just let us know. We will work with your business to get the training you need.


Are you ready

Are you ready in signing up for one or more training sessions for your group? Training is by appointment normally Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM CST. Saturdays by appointment only. No Sunday or Holiday appointments.

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